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The company “SU-AD” d.o.o. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of aluminum upgrades for firefighting and technical vehicles for the EU market and, upon request, technical documentation of customers.

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HLF 3000

The vehicle has all the advantages specific to SU-AD d.o.o., from the safety cabin to the pump technology management system and the easy-to-use control operating system.

TLF 4000

At first glance, the TLF 4000 looks very impressive, primarily due to its appearance and size, but it offers much more than just transporting huge amounts of fire extinguishing agents.

TLF 3000

The primary task is quick reaction and extinguishing of fires with water and foam, as well as extinguishing fires with powder on electric cars. A fire truck with a crew of 1+2, a water capacity of 3,000 l.