TLF 4000

TLF 4000

At first glance, the TLF 4000 looks very impressive, primarily due to its appearance and size, but it offers much more than just transporting huge amounts of fire extinguishing agents. A high quality pump, foam mixer, and powder extinguishing agent add extra power to our TLF. Wherever and for whatever reason a fire breaks out, our TLF 4000 will not give it a chance, it will be extinguished in time.

Control panel

The vehicle has all the advantages specific to SU-AD d.o.o., from the safety cabin to the pump technology management system and the easy-to-use control operating system.


A very intelligent and modern modifiable superstructure welded in its entirety from high-quality aluminum profiles EN AW 7020 for highly loaded structural applications,

provides multifunctional possibility of use on various undercarriage chassis in urban and industrial environments as well as in undeveloped or impassable regions.

DIN – 14530-21

Chassis – MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 Euro 6

Engine power – 215 kW (280 PS)

Wheelbase – 4,200 mm

Dimensions – L × W × H: 8,000 × 2,500 × 3,300 mm

Permitted total weight – 18,000 kg

Cabin crew – MAN Double cabin 2+4

Special Features

  • MAN Double cab
  • Pump control system via display
  • Internal extinguishing agent tank for best possible axle load distribution, maximum side storage space and economical design
  • LED Vision lighting concept
  • Hygienic equipment
  • Isolation devices 4 pieces
  • Portable generator 13 kVA
  • Hydraulic rescue tools
  • Combined pump 1800 liters/min according to EN 1028
  • Fast surge winch Ø 25 diameter, 60 meter hose length at 40 bar
  • Medium windlass Ø 32 diameter, 50 meter hose length at 10 bar
  • Water monitor 1800 liters/min
  • Overlapping light pole lighting 360 degrees
  • 500 kg of powder, with a control system, driven by a winch of 30 meters

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