The manufactureing of brand new fire engines involves the combination of high quality components from reliable and confidential suppliers. According to inputs from our client and the completed project, the acquisition and production of the chassis and load-bearing elements is approached. This is followed by a line of manufactureing process that involves several stages.

Innovative solutions, project development, CAD module, technical documentation, user manual, workshop drawings and application of ISO 9001-2015 in the manufactureing of finished product.

Laser cutting and bending of sheet metal ensures the quality and adaptability of the product to the needs of the market, while at the same time keeping room for innovation and original solutions.

Production also includes welding of various materials using available technologies by a qualified workforce.

After the preparation of the components, painting is implemented in several stages and layers under controlled conditions using modern technologies with tools and materials of the highest quality manufacturers.

Installation of electro-mechatronic components and connection to the electrical system, placement of original parts is done with the aim of better utilization of space.

Light and sound signaling, internal and external lighting, integration of the extinguishing control system are installed according to our own programs and implemented according to the specific requirements and needs of our client.

Assembly work begins after preparatory work for joining the chassis with the modified and customized superstructure.

Commissioning is implemented after the installation of the fire extinguishing system is tested and optimized, which also includes the installation of equipment, which is done according to the workshop drawings and the supervision of the construction team. Part of the equipment in the upgrade area is adjusted according to the customer’s wishes and instructions 

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