Participation in Expo Dubai 2023.

At the beginning of 2023, a continuation of last year’s Expo Dubai took place, where 95% of the world’s countries participated.

In its pavilions, each country presented itself in the most beautiful light, showing the greatest achievements in the economy, culture, art, gastronomy and all other fields.

After the end of the central part of the event lasting 6 months, in which our country took part, the second part took place in which manufacturers from the dedicated industry from all over the world took part.
Among the participants was the company SU-AD d.o.o., which was presented by the directors and founder Suad Bešlić.
At this fair, participants from the rest of the world got to know the Bosnian product and expressed great interest in it.

Cooperation was also established regarding the procurement of necessary parts, with special connections made with manufacturers from Turkey.
At this most impressive fair in the world, a Bosnian company and product were presented, its company founder, as well as in a positive context, Bosnia and Herzegovina went to the world as a fascinating signal of technological development.
Business contacts were made, ideas were exchanged, recommendations were made, invitations were opened for future cooperation with companies and leaders of global character.

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